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A silent auction can be the most effective and entertaining method of fundraising for any organization. And silent auctions, specifically, relieve some of the stress brought on by the clamour and conspicuousness of traditional live auctions. Because your site lists all of your items, advertising your auction is as easy as sharing the link to your site. Plus, if you’re hosting a silent auction with mobile bidding (more on that below), your auction site will be transferred over to the mobile interface for guests to browse during the event. Our fundraising auction websites are so easy to create – you won’t believe it. Work through the administration setup in no time to create a beautiful, custom fundraising auction.
Join our next Bid Beacon 101 session to meet our support team & get your questions answered. You’ve just reviewed 12 of the best online auction sites and would probably appreciate some help on next steps. The best way to decide which online auction site is best for your fundraising event is by test-driving it. Browse the top 12 online auction sites below to get a feel for what’s available. You’ll find that every one of them will “do,” but the hard part is determining how to differentiate them to select the best charity auction site for your fundraiser. CharityAuctionsToday is widely reviewed as a top online auction site, but it’s not the only one with strong user approval.
A fundraising event is a wonderful time to bring your community together to share the impact of your mission and to offer your guests the opportunity to support your work. Incorporating live and silent auctions into your event can be an important source of revenue. It’s also possible to integrate an online auction with a live auction; but not recommended, owing to time delays.
It will give the supporters more time to go through the items available for auction and decide if they would like to be a part of it. We raised $28,231 with nearly 1,400 bids placed, and none of that money spent went to supporting the nonexistent costs of the auction app. Parse is free, and our time was our contribution to the charity auction, so there were no costs. Keep in mind that your auction items are one of the biggest factors in determining the success of your auction.
There is no limit to the items that can be added to Perfect Silent Auction sites, and new items can be added instantly as they are received. Additionally, the online bidding and payment process is ideal for maintaining social distancing, as events avoid tables full of auction items and long lines of winning bidders waiting to play. Quickly record winning bids, fixed-price purchases, raise-the-paddle pledges and more during your event.
If this struggle sounds familiar, you may want to invest in dedicated auction software—applications specifically designed to help users better manage their auction events. Whether you are planning to launch an online auction or offline auction event, you need to consider the software supporting different types of auctions, as mentioned above. The auction tool that can manage various auction types would be useful to you if there are any changes in your auction strategies in the future. Whether you’re looking for a professional auctioneer, or want our help managing your silent auction via bid sheets or mobile bidding, we’re here to help. Please contact us with the details of your event and we can customize a proposal for you. Send custom text and email communication to supporters before, during and after your event.
For instance, they may offer their services if it is a small intimate gathering instead of a huge wedding. Other conditions can include the time of year the event should get hosted and the length. Once you establish your nonprofit’s goals for its silent auction, evaluate your plan and determine what tools will be the most useful to your organization. Since ClickBid specializes in planning and executing charity auctions, it’s the most effective platform for this type of fundraiser. From item procurement to bid management, planning a silent auction demands a detailed strategy.
Toronto-based Bridge Bike Works and Santa Cruz-based Ibis Cycles have both graciously donated framesets to be auctioned online starting now and concluding the night of the Booger Bash. For more information on these auctions, other items, and to bid now, visit We also have other helpful articles and resources on shipping and exporting vehicles overseas to help with your vehicle delivery. Also, content on rebuilding your salvage vehicle, title rules for different states in the US, Exporting salvage car guides for different countries, and everything in between.
Any group member can access the system from their phone or computer with our online event management solution. You will see an increase in team productivity and improve your fundraising from each auction item while minimizing your overall effort. Before the event, make sure to prepare bidding sheets for each item up for auction. Bidding sheets include the item name, description, starting bid, and bidding increments. Additionally, if you’re running a raffle as well, print out raffle tickets with space for the buyer’s name and contact information. Make sure to have plenty of extra paper bid sheets and raffle tickets on hand in case of high demand.
Bidders can use their smartphones and tablets for browsing through the online auction and bid for those items. Handbid allows you to manage everything, from setting up an auction to generating the reports with a single platform. good items for silent auction than online auctions, you can also arrange peer-to-peer fundraisers, text-to-give campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns through this platform. Silent Auction Pro is a powerful fundraising software that can help you set up an online auction in no time. You can rely on their platform to completely organize and manage your fundraising or online auction event. A silent auction is an event at which items for sale are displayed for attendees to browse, place bids on, and purchase.