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Success Stories: How School Fundraisers Have Made a Difference

School fundraisers play a vital role in supporting educational institutions, enhancing student experiences, and bridging financial gaps. These events come in various forms, each with its unique approach and impact. In this article, we will explore the diverse world of school fundraisers and how they have made a difference in schools across the country. school … Read more

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Online Fundraising: 20+ Innovative Ideas for Nonprofits

Users can set up dedicated pages for special days like Giving Tuesdays, events, auctions, fundraising games and more. Some of its additional attributes are self-checkout, pledge collection, event registration, sponsorship recognition and live donation displays. Kindful is another resource with a comprehensive list of integrations and donor management options. They offer a plethora of fundraising … Read more

Create a Free Fundraiser Website Cool Fundraiser Ideas

Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations to The Spring via check. Each of these artists and projects – Kinda Funny, Amanda Palmer, Extra Credits, SV Delos and more – earned over $150,000 on Patreon. Sign up to receive occasional news, information and tips that support smarter philanthropic impact through a donor-advised fund.“Those ideas were cool, but I’m … Read more

Paybee Fundraising Platform Pricing Paybee All-In-One Charity Fundraising Events Platform Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Fun Fundraising Ideas

You would be hard-pressed to find a customer support team that rivals GoFundMe’s crew. With personalized customer service, GoFundMe’s Customer Care team will make sure you’re in good hands any time you contact them. You can start a fundraiser in a matter of minutes after following a few guided prompts.Check them out to see if … Read more

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations Japan GLI

Despite the restrictions, some of population has embraced cryptocurrencies. Mexico’s largest crypto exchange, Bitsos, has more than one million users on its platform. Other countries, meanwhile, are welcoming cryptos with seemingly few regulatory concerns.For instance, several Trustpilot users mention problems with customer support. Additionally, there are numerous stories of unexpected account closures that have tainted … Read more